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Friday, March 14, 2014


 Genre - Motivation

Well this is my debut in reviewing a non fictional book. “Most and more” is highly motivational and the author shares the wisdom he has gained through his lifetime research. He guides us through the path of success and happiness through simple techniques. 

The book starts with an incident from where the author’s life starts. Every chapter is so neatly drafted through various incidents of his life and what he learnt from them and what he wants us to learn is conveyed as a simple yet effective message at the end of the chapters. 
The book enlightens us in various aspects of life. It promises to inspire us through many thought provoking quotes like – 

Metaphorically, relationships are like bank accounts – emotional accounts. Some accounts are over deposited. Some are over drawn.
How can you expect today’s result by yesterday, when the very process is going to begin only tomorrow? 
In life, most people reach where they reach because someone who cares for them helps them to see further.
In faith, even what seems wrong, will eventually turn right.
If you walk the path everyone walks, you will only reach where everyone reaches.
The question is not “Out of everything which is the best” but “How to get the best out of everything”

Once when I was done with the book, I experienced a new me. 
This very line from the book, 
“The mind of the man is the man. Change the mind and you have changed the man”
  had worked out on me too. I assure when you pick this book in your hand you will probably put it down at its 242nd page only.

Suffering from Breakthroughs, Hardships, battling between mind and heart??? 
“Most and More” is a medicine! 

This book is purely dedicated to every soul who is striving to lift himself / herself and in turn, lift the world, is the ideal gift to those whom you care for.  

Rating - 5/5 (Strikes the chord!)
Price - Rs 500/- (Hard Cover)
Year of Publication - 2011
No. of Pages - 242


  1. Hi Miss Soundarya,
    My hearty welcome to the new you in “U”. Its gives me immense pleasure in reading your blogs.
    The reviews you give about the best books seem to provoke me in reading those books.
    Especially your review about the book “Most And More” is way too good.
    Your writing is very organized with right usage of words. The book cover is also awesome and very colourful blog.
    My best wishes to you and also awaiting for more reviews in future.

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement Deepthi. Way to go and more posts to come! Thanks a lot for sharing it in Fb in my absence too. Lemme know the review of the same book, once ur done with it !!