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Monday, March 17, 2014


Novel – 3 MISTAKES OF MY LIFE! (2008) by Chetan Bhagat
Movie – KAI PO CHE (2013) by Abhishek Kapoor
Characters - Govind Patel, Ishaan Bhatt, Omi, Vidhya, Ali


"3 Mistakes" novel starts with the story of Govind Patel (Govi), a mathematician and a businessman. With two wonderful friends around Ishaan (Ish) and Omi, he decides to start his own Cricket Academy and Tutorial. They set a location for their business outside the temple, pooling in money through various resources. Govi realizes his dream is not going to be an easy chase and strives hard for it. Omi, being persuaded by his Uncle (Bittu Mama) deviates into Politics, perhaps in a wrong track.  Ish, a true cricket genius , decides to coach the young teens on Cricket. Ali is a gift to the entire story where Ish notices Ali’s talent challenges him and fights so hard to fulfill his dreams. Ish sees his own reflection through Ali and coaches him the best regardless of Ali being a Muslim. Vidhya (Ish’s sister) is being tutored by Govi on Ish’s request and their “tutorial” classes gradually change to “Love-making” classes. 
  • With the presence of Socio-Political factors, will the trio win in life?? 
  • Will Ali make it up to the International Tournaments? 
  • Will Govi succeed in his love ? (His best fren's dear sister)


Some differences between the movie and the novel -  

1. Novel – At the end, Omi is killed. 
    Movie – Ishaan is killed. 
2. Novel – Vidhya  plays a deliberate role.
    Movie – The scenes in which Vidhya appear are not much effective.
3. Novel – Ali is sent to London for a surgery.
    Movie – This doesn’t happen. 
4. Novel – Govi narrates the whole story, as Chetan Bhagat listens to him.
    Movie – Chetan’s son (Ishaan) enters the big screen, as there is a twist in the story.


Of all Chetan’s novels, “3 Mistakes” is my personal favorite. It kept me going in all the chapters as it was based on a real life story. “Kai Po Che” however disappointed me to an extent. It was not fully adapted from the novel as there were some major changes. I could not keep guessing the fact as in how Ali made it up to the International Tournament without Ishaan all these years! The movie was really worth a watch, inspirational and all that., but definitely not for the one who had read the novel. There are so many romantic scenes in the book, adding up spice to the already burning Cricket and Politics. Abhishek Kapoor reveals a grip on the buddy bonding theme and all the three actors leave an indelible mark. “Kai Po Che” is definitely worth a watch but the original story still remains in the book :) 

Rating - 4.5/5 


  1. Am yet to read the book, Soundharya :)
    I watched the movie as soon as it released & liked it but for the sad end. Wish no one had died and all was well.
    Still, the movie gave a message- Don't kill in the name of religion. You might end up killing your own brother...
    Nice Post! :)

  2. Hi Anita,
    Welcome to my blog :)
    Yes, the ending was too sad and quite unexpected.. Read the book atleast for the climax. You ll love it!
    Thank you :)

  3. Suni7singh@gmail.comOct 2, 2017, 4:00:00 AM

    I love the book "Three mistakes of my life".but the movie ending was quite disappointing. Book ending is very positive. Should n must gives different feel n
    ELEBRATED in Scrabble | Words With Friends score & elaborated...
    version of each n every character,which is missing in the movie. Can't blame 2 hours movie could not cover the whole book.

  4. The book is the epitome of terribleness.

  5. I would still prefer book ...ending is better with Ali using his criket talent ..& in movie nothing like that happened .Yet,the movie is worth a watch