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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


This is my second favorite from Paulo Coelho after “The Alchemist" 

The story goes thus –

The female protagonist Pilar, reconnects with her childhood friend after 11 years who had spent his life travelling around the world and discovering the feminine side of the God while she has learnt to bury her feelings. Time has transformed Pilar into a Strong and Independent woman, and her childhood friend as a Charismatic, Spiritual leader. The book is far more beyond “a normal love story” as it describes their love towards God as well. This is for sure a take  on Love+Philosophy+Spirituality. The best part of the novel was Pilar’s battle between her heart and mind. 

Thought Provoking Quotes -  
1.    Some things in life are worth fighting for to the end.
2.    Perhaps because, we are not the ones who write the best moments of our life.
3.    Somewhere God throws the dice and you are chosen. From then on, winning or losing is only a question of luck!

The twist -  
    According to the legend, River Piedra was so cold and frigid that anything that fell into it - leaves, stones, feathers...all turned to stone. Since the title says "sat down and wept" i thought it was all a sad story, but the happy ending totally surprised me. The male protagonist's name is not mentioned throughout. 

     There are some novels which even after finishing it off, you just cannot let it go and this is one such. Coelho always through his simple language teaches us greater lessons and touches our hearts. The simplicity in the novel has beautified it even more. 
     I highly recommend it! A must-read. 

Rating - 4.5/5 

Price - Rs 254/-
Pages - 180
Published - 1994

Publisher - Harper Collins


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