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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Story line
The novel sets it start at SFO, where Neel (Suneel) a Non Resident Indian works as anesthesiologist in a local hospital. He is in his early thirties living an American life and wants his wife also to be an American. He decides to live with Caroline who is blonde haired and blue eyed. At this juncture, Neel receives a call from India where his grandfather is at dead bed. So many twists and turns happens and Neel weds Leila out of compulsion. Shocked and irritated Neel, decides to continue his relationship with Caroline under the shadows.
Leila, soon after stepping into her house in SFO, realizes what kind of a person her hub is and how she had fell into the trap. Going back to India would not work as Leila has 2 younger sisters and their life would be at stake. So she decides to cope up with her marriage. She first tries impressing Neel but miserably fails. So she tries to discover her new location and explores independently. Neel on the other hand gets to know about Caroline’s intentions and Leila (Lee) handles the situation well and grips her husband and gets to her side! 
The author has well narrated the feeling Lee finally gets when she was being loved by Neel. This is a very different “Arranged marriage story” and shows how the couple makes it work. Lee’s integrity and courage makes her win the battle of her married life..

Overall worth a read!! 

1. Indian Culture – Well described
2. Virtual tour of SFO through Lee’s eyes ;)
3. A gripping happy end. 


1. A bit stretched at some chapters.

Rating : 4/5

Price : Rs 755/- (Hard Cover)
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Year of Publication: 2008
Number of pages: 376


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