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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Book - Who will cry when you die? 
Author - Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is a Canadian lawyer, leadership expert and a writer. He has written several self help books on personality development and leadership. Every book of him, has promisingly changed rather enlightened so many lives across the globe. 

About the book - 

In this book, the author has gifted the readers with 101 life’s lessons. Every lesson is dropped down so neatly in a single page. The language is so simple yet crisp and it is purely meant for every person and every age. At some lessons, the author quotes examples from his own life and relates to the situation. 

My take – 

I am not exactly the person who looks out for motivational/self development books as I am already super motivated in the first place. I had this kindle edition of the book, for months together and never even had an idea to open it. It happened today. Not that I was so overconfident that I was already a positive person, I just wanted to see what else do I lack, and what other qualities can be value added to my living. 

I completed this book in 2 hours and it just touched my heart. Here are some of the life’s lessons which I felt is too important for anyone – 

Everyone who enters your life has a lesson to teach and a story to tell. 
The golden thread of a meaningful life is self-discipline.
Every time you fail to do the right thing, you fuel the habit of doing the wrong thing. 
Every minute you spend focusing on your problems, you take away from finding solutions.
Learn to say NO gracefully.
To live life to your fullest, start taking more risks doing the things you fear.

All of us know everything which has been told, but how many of us in our real lives do actually implement it?

This is such a feel good book and gives a deep sense of satisfaction. I confess this is an amazing book I have ever read on self-help and am really hunting for the other books by the same author. 

Free tip – Gift this book to next gen children and students. You will get the contentment of nurturing their life. Life is to live to the fullest, after all! Isn’t it?? 

Rating – A straight ***** 5/5


  1. My chance upon your blog today and scrolled through. Your crisp review of the book has encouraged me to buy it.

  2. I felt good that we have people like u lot morr to come and but stopped with blogs only..Could you help us with any other similar book best or better than this if so definitely your blog visitors will be more interested ,sorry if I have over intruded