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Sunday, October 16, 2016




Aniket – Techie, Subbu – Nerd, Trisha –Model, Nidhi – Coach (Fitness & Relationship),  Manoj – Mr. Perfect (Oh, wait! Not so perfect), Tara – Ms. Sunshine.

It’s a decision that sets into motion a chain of events that will have a profound impact on the lives of all involved.

Starts with an interesting characterization of the Zodiac Signs – Leo and Sagittarius (going well with the title). Every chapter is narrated in Aniket’s and Nidhi’s points of view with a starting note on astrological predictions of the signs. Though the meeting of Aniket and Nidhi in a train is so phenomenal, the friendship that is built between the two is worth appreciating as it travels till the end of the novel and even beyond.

Subbu and his nerdy codes as solutions (witty ones though) keeps the story at pace. Trisha a.k.a Trish supposed to be the female protagonist, plays well the role of a stunning model with her busy career of photoshoots and parties. Nidhi plays a supportive role and signs herself up as a fitness and relationship coach for Ani despite her personal life at stake. Ani is a dutiful boyfriend who obeys Trish’s orders and tantrums, who had never imagined of a life without Trish – the side effects of being absolutely smitten.

Nidhi, has quit her corporate life to pursue her passion – Pottery to blogging to freelancing. Nidhi coaches Ani to par excellence until fate decides otherwise. She strikes a perfect balance between what her mind knows and what her heart wants. Tara, Nidhi’s mother is an absolute sweetheart who empathizes her daughter and understands people just so much.

Manoj is a self-centered corporate geek who has never given a single thought about compromise, trust and understanding to make a relationship survive for which he pays a heavy fine at a later date.

  • The novel has two first persons narrating their part of story with a strong connect between and behind the scenes. 
  • Though the story seems to focus on Trish, Nidhi easily overtakes and undoubtedly turns out to be an unsung heroine. 
  •   Nidhi’s passion towards pottery is so distinctive to be focused on and it definitely forces the readers to opt it as a hobby and explore further. 
  •   Ani’s efforts to make amends to the already-dying-relationship with Trish is beyond words. Such a selfless love! 
  •   Nidhi’s blogging on life, relationship, trust issues based on the lessons from her life and that of Ani’s are truly relatable and mature enough.   
  •   Tara – All will die to have a mother like her and is a character whom everyone should take as a role model. She clearly depicts the way life has to be lived.
  •   Depicting the astro predictions of Leo and Sagittarius, the author throws a hint that Trish is not the female lead. 
  •   Darshita Sen’s guest appearance is worth mentioning; there could have been a little more insight on astrology rather than the weekly forecast of the signs.   
  •   Some chapters deal with the same incidents being narrated by both Ani and Nidhi from their perspectives allowing the reader to just fast forward the page.

Travel along through the journey of these characters and experience the best of it.

My rating – 3.5/5

Here’s the picture of my copy of the author signed novel!!